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Laser Treatment for Raised Mole Removal?

I have a raised 4mm mole on the side of my nose. Can it be removed with a Laser treatment?

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Biopsy prior to laser

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It is best to have the lesion biopsied prior to doing any further procedure such as laser.  Using laser on the area after the biopsy will give a nice contour of the area.  

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Yes, but biopsy first

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Any prudent physician will perform a biopsy to ensure that this lesion is benign.

If you are over forty, a simple shave excision is likely to give you a superior cosmetic result at a fraction of the cost ( assuming a biopsy is done first if laser is used). The reason: it is likely you have one of two possible lesions. If this is a mole as you believe, the melanocytes are effete and unlikely to produce melanin. You would be advised to use a sunscreen to be sure this does not happen.

The second possiblity: you have a lesion quite common in middle-aged and older women called a fibrous papule of the nose. For years this was debated as to whether this was of vascular or melanocytic ( pigment making) origin. It turns out that it is actually melanocytic and basically a type of mole. Performing a shave excision with the steady hand of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon can give you an excllent cosmetic result.

The third possiblity is a basal cell carcinoma or what is called a trichoepithelioma ( a benign tumor of the hair making apparatus). This underlines the importance of a biopsy. Many dermatologists, including myself, have been told by patients that they had this mole "forever". Turns out they actually possessed a cystic type basal cell carcinoma and not a mole at all.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist
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