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Radiesse Removal Incision Method

Under my left eye is a white visible strip of Radiesse that looks like spaghetti noodle that's about an inch long. Should the incision for Radiesse removal be the full length of the "noodle"? I would hate to have a scar that long of a scar on my face. Can the incision be done in a natural crease, even though my natural eye crease is about 1/4 inch away from the "noodle”?

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Radiesse under eye

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Your case is why many surgeons are hesitant to use Radiesse under the eye. It is very difficult to give you exact recommendations without examining you first. Having said that, I doubt you would require an incision along the full length of the "noodle".

  • If your treatment was recent (by that I mean in the last several weeks), I would wait it out until 8-12 weeks before I made any interventions.
  • If your treatment was longer than 3 months ago and the "noodle" is still very bothersome, I would first make a small incision directly over it and see if I could tease it out. I would be reluctant to make an incision along the entire length.

Remember, Radiesse is not a permanent filler and usually only lasts about 12 months. If I was unable to tease it out with a small incision, I would encourage you to wait longer to see if it natually gets reabsorbed. I would only consider a more invasive treatment if it was close to year and still no evidence of reabsorption. Good luck!

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