Can I Have Radiesse Removed from my Chin?

I had recently got Radiesse injection on my jaw line and the top of my chin for more prominent look. 5 days ago, I noticed a big lump underneath my chin. I thought the Radiesse had migrated there, but no one knew. I went into Urgent Care and the MD told me it looks like swollen lymph nodes under my chin. I am on antibiotics and the swelling is still there and it makes my chin look like I have a double chin. If it is Radiesse, can that be fixed or removed? Or do I have to wait to dissolve. Please advice. Please help!

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Radiesse removal don't do it


Firstly, see the physician who performed the injection. They will be much more able to tell you whether what you are experiencing is Radiesse or a lymph node. Removal of Radiesse is not a good idea. It can be manipulated in the short term, so again see your physician. If it is Radiesse and can't be manipulated I would wait for it to dissolve.

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