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Can Radiesse Filler Be Dissolved I Have Got It Done Near the Cheek Area and It Looks Like a Bump?

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Can Radiesse be dissolved?

Unfortunately, Radiesse cannot be dissolved like a Hyaluronic acid filler. Massage and TIME is about all you have. In 4 months approximately half the volume should be gone. 

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Dissolving Radiesse

Unfortunately Radiesse cannot be dissolved. It is made of a substance that closely resembles bone. You can help smooth the appearance of bumps by frequently massaging the area, or asking another physician to help camoflage the area with another filler, if the bump is that bad.

Cameron Rokhsar, MD
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Bump from Radiesse

Radiesse, which is a calcium-based filler, is difficult to dissolve.  Occasionally intralesional Kenalog (cortisone) injections can break it up, but it is not always predictable. If the injections were done very recently (within the last two weeks), it is possible that the bump may go down on its own or aided by gentle message. It's probably best if you follow up with the physician who did the injections who can hopefully help you resolve this minor issue. 

Radiesse cannot be dissolved

Radiesse is not a hyaluronic acid based filler and so there is no enzyme that can dissolve it.  If there is a bump, massaging the area may be helpful.  Please see your injector to have this bump evaluated and to discuss your options further.

Ritu Saini, MD
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Can Radiesse Be Dissolved?

   Radiesse cannot be dissolved away like the HA products with hyaluronidase.   Radiesse will reduce in prominence over time.

Dissolving Radiesse

Unfortunately not.  Radiesse contains several substances that, together, cause collagen formation in the areas treated.  That helps explain its relatively long duration, particularly when compared with the hylauronic acid (HA) fillers (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm).  However, the HA fillers can be "reversed" to a certain degree by administering an enzyme that dissolves them (hyaluronidase, which comes under the trade names of, among others, Vitrase and Amphidase).

So if you had been treated with an HA filler something could be done directly to the volumizer.  With Radiesse, I would suggest continued massage and, ultimately, just waiting for it to dissipate on its own.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

Radiesse bump can be masked by another filler

In addition to the answers already posted I would suggest that you consider injection of a hyaluranonic acid filler (Restylane, Juvederm or Belotero) to minimize the appearance of the bump until the Radiesse goes away.  Talk to your doctor to see if this would be appropriate in your case.

Michael Contreras, MD
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It is not possible to dissolve Radiesse, but there is hope

Radiesse tends to shrink about 20-30% over the first 3 months as the carrier substance is absorbed. If your injection was recent, it may improve with this process.

If your injection is older than that, using a needle to "break up" the substance can help a lump dissolve more quickly - like breaking up a sugar cube to help it dissolve more quickly.

Kenalog injection may help, but I would be very conservative with it.

Laxmeesh Mike Nayak, MD
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Can Radiesse Filler Be Dissolved I Have Got It Done Near the Cheek Area and It Looks Like a Bump?

 Sadly, no...there's no material; that can dissolve Radiesse.  Patience and time (9-12 months) will be required for that to occur.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Radiesse bump

  • Radiesse is a calcium-based filler. It cannot be dissolved.
  • Pressing firmly on the bump may flatten it, if it was injected within 2 weeks.
  • See the doctor who injected you to discuss cause and treatment.
  • If a nurse injected you, insist on seeing her physician supervisor.
  • In 11 states, nurse practitioners have independent practices and are not supervised.

Hope this helps.

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