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Qustions About Doctors Using Fillers and a Question Regarding Cheek Fillers?

Where im from not a lot of doctors are qualified like having that MD qualification they are aesthetic practitioners or qualified nurses but the work is usually good is it worth going to them? My right side is more deficient, which makes my right cheekbone more hollow making my face look droopy and really tired. What would be the best filler for a cheek which would not be dangerous as I am only 23? What should I look for when going to a person who will do the fillers?

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Cheek fillers


First an exam is key to determine what if anything you need.  Cheek fillers can be great enhancers for augmentation.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Cheek fillers


You should seek the advice of a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in all the options for you, not just off the shelf fillers.  At your age, you may want to consider radiesse or juvederm or per lane for your cheeks to see the effect of volumizing, but may also consider fat grafting with your own body fat which could last much longer and be less costly over the long run...this would need to be done by a surgeon.  If you get the opinion of someone who only does one type of treatment, it is likely that the will only recommend that option.

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