Question regarding inflammation of left breast compared to right. Is it compressing the implant?

Hello, I had my breast augmentation this morning at 7am. The surgery was short and sweet, and I was out in no time. Looking at my breasts in my surgical bra, it is very obvious that my left breast is much more "swollen", or larger than my right. However, my right breast has double the pain than my left does. I was hoping you could enlighten me on this situation. I want to believe that my right breast is very tight and is compressing the implant, and will soon look bigger like my left. Am I wrong?

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Pain on one side immediately after surgery

Thank you for your question about your breast implant recovery.

You need to call your surgeon promptly. That is what your surgeon is there for - to guide you to recovery. On-line cannot provide you with post-operative evaluation and treatment. Best wishes.

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Post-op issues from breast augmentation

If you are having immediate discomfort after surgery, then I suggest that you call your surgeon to discuss this.

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Contact your surgeon

These findings should be quickly conveyed to your surgeon and he or she should advise you. This could be normal post op symptoms or could represent something more serious like a hematoma. Good luck

Gaurav Bharti

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Question regarding inflammation of left breast compared to right. Is it compressing the implant?

Significant breast asymmetry after breast augmentation is a finding that you should report to your plastic surgeon. Online consultants will not be of meaningful help to you. Best wishes.

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