Is This Ptosis Repair Overcorrected for the Second Time?

I had ptosis repair in my right eyelid 20 days ago. 14 days after surgery my surgeon decided to perform another surgery because there was overcorrection. Today, 4 days after the second surgery, I still feel there is overcorrection but I do not know if it is to early to jump into conclusions. If there is overcorrection again, is it recommendable to fix that eyelid one more time or should I get another surgeon's opinion? There has been little swelling but the surgeon said I bled too much.

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I do not agree that you are over corrected.


The issue here is that now that the right side has been fixed, there is less effort to lift the left upper eyelid and the ptosis present on the left side is now manifest.  This is the effect of Herring's law.  I agree that the wisest course at this time is to allow the eyes to heal for 6 to 12 months.  At that time, you should be reassessed.  I am going to guess that you might need a small amount of ptosis surgery on the left side.

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You are doing great. You still have some asymmetry (and always will) but you are much improved from pre op. Don't do anything more now for at least six months and let things settle. Your surgeon sounds like he/she is paying good attention to you.

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