What Providers Preform Permalip?

Maybe I'm being dense, but I looked on Surgisil's site and could not find a list of providers who perform Permalip implants. Does anyone know of a list of docs who do this procedure? If not, let me know if you're within 300 miles of zip code 16502 and can help. Thanks! :D

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What Providers Preform Permalip?

  Try contacting the company.  I do use permalip silastic lip implants but prefer Alloderm lip Implants as they are soft, supple and can be placed immediately under the lip mucosa for more augmentation that shows.  Permalip and the other man made lip implants must be buried withiin the lip muscle itself and as such loose 50% of the augmentation to the insdie of the lips where it doesn't show.  Be sure that the surgeon you select understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial (and lip) beauty for the creation of the proper aesthetic ratio between the upper and lower lip.  This allows the lips to appear full, balanced and naturally attractive.  

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This is a popular procedure for my local and out-of-town patients.  If you cannot find a local surgeon who can perform this, this is a relatively minor procedure that you can fly in, have done, and return home a few days afterwards.  It is more important to find someone who can do this well than to be restricted geographically.

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