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Can you provide lower back sclerotherapy injections?

I had an unsuccessful decompressive laminectomy on my L 4&5 discs in 1988. Afterwards my osteopath in Spokane Wa. used sclerotherapy injections in my lower back and removed all pain! He told me if I saw him 1st surgery could have been avoided. I needed a booster in 2000 and got one from a doc in Jefferson City, Mo. I badly need another booster. I'm 59, am 5'11 @200lbs. am retired in OKC. OK. The injections never cost to much. Is this technique still available?

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Sclerotherapy for veins in the skin in the back, chest, breasts

Sclerotherapy can be done for skin varicosities and it is used on the breasts, back, chest and so on. I agree with the other doctor that you are describing something completely different - maybe 'prolotherapy' or something else and this is not done in our discipline (Venous and Lymphatic Medicine). 

Buffalo General Surgeon
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Not sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is the injection of a solution into a vein to dissolve the vein. What your are describing sounds like epidural injections which are injections into the space above the spinal cord to relieve pain. See a pain management doctor.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon
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