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Aggressive ProFractional Laser Resurfacing on Ethnic Skin


I am an African American male who is about to undergo a full face profractional treatment (3 sessions) for melasma/hyperpigmentation and enlarge pores. My doctor did a test spot on an area where I have alot of hyperpigmentation and everything went well, but I see no improvement. The profractional treatment seemed to be not aggressive at all.

She set the setting at 250 depth, but my question to you is, is it safe with my complexion to do more passes with the laser or increase the area covered by the laser? With those small dots so spaced out, it seems like it will be very hard to determine if there are any results.

P.S. I'm also using DesOwen before and after treatment and 8% hydroquinone to prevent pih. Please help!

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