Age 29. My Face Looks Sad. Recommendations?

I'm 29y.old,I noticed lots of changes on my face.don't know when and how that happened,5 years ago I liked what i was seeing in a mirror..not any more,I look okish when smiling or when i lie down,otherwise my face looks sad.(I call it mops/pug look),Don't know if buccal fat removal+smart lipo(face)+ cheek&lip implants will do for now or am I looking at a face lift (if so what type? my photos now(colour)and what I'd like to look like(me-7years ago(b&w).Thank you for all suggestions on procedures.

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Sad face treatment.

Definitely no fat removal. If anything, fillers would give you more youthful fullness in your face. You have a slight amount of excess skin in your neck and only a necklift will fix that when you are ready. You have early jowling with a depression in front of that that can be handled by fillers or an implant depending on your goals.

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Best Treatment for 29 Year Old Female with Sad, Volume Depleted Face

Hi Poland,

You appear to be an excellent candidate for the addition of volume to your face.  I would treat you with Sculptra.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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Juvederm works for upper cheek fullness.


You have some atrophy of fat in the upper face. This makes you look gaunt, a little older, and "sad".

Restoring upper cheek fullness with skilfully applied fillers will make a big  difference. Fat injections also work, but that's surgery.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Early facial aging

You don't have great genetics unfortunately and are showing signs of facial aging (jowls, neck laxity, cheek descent) usually reserved for 45+ year olds.  You need a facelift to get the best look but fillers can help in the meantime.

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