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What Procedure Would Be Best for my Lip Scar After Mucocele Surgery? & How Long Will Recovery Take?

I had a mucocele removed from my lower lip about 2 years ago. The mucocele actually grew right in the middle on my lower lip(very noticable). Since the removal my lip has not been the same. My lip is deformed & I hate it! I just want it fixed. It have a small keloid on my lower lip now & it's just ugly overall. I need suggestions on what the best procedure would be for this nightmare. Please help!!

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Lip reconstruction


Thank you for your question.

First this is not an usual problem. I would suggest finding a board certified plastic surgeon in your area and making a appointment. 

There are several options: 1)scar revision, 2)local tissue rearrangement,3) fat injection and others

Most insurance will cover this reconstruction.

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