Procedure to Fix Natural Symmastia?

I have natural Symmastia. Its not the muscle, just skin that allows no cleavage line. There's not any fat underneath, my skin is just not connected to my chest wall. Do I have any options?

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Treatment of Congenital Symmastia?

Difficult to give you precise advice without direct examination but patients with congenital semester you may benefit from liposuction surgery of the pre sternal area. Whether this is a good option for you will depend on the physical examination;  the amount of  tissue over the sternal area  and the  quality of the overlying skin elasticity  are important considerations.

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Natural synmastia

This is an extremely difficult problem to treat if you do not have alot of fat. This is freqeutnly aggravated by excessive breast tissue so that a breast reduction or bra may provide you with some relief.

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