Problems with Humps in Oblique Views? (photo)

I pretty much like the apperance of my nose in my laterals and front views. I just want that humps in my oblique views removed. I don't want a dramatic change in my apperance (no nose lifting). So for these reasons and according to your expert opinion based on my needs and photos, I was wondering, is rhinoplasty better than a nonsurgical approach? 22 year old male

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Rhinoplasty or Nonsurgical Approach for Hump


     Nonsurgical approach or fillers for nonsurgical rhinoplasty can be employed to camouflage asymmetry or improve contour.  However, if you have a hump and the hump is what bothers you, it makes more sense to take the hump down in a rhinoplasty rather than add substance to camouflage the hump.

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