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Post Rhinoplasty 4 Days I Nudged My Nose. Did I Cause Damage?

I had a rhinoplasty 4 days ago and i have nasal cast on it. Today i slightly nudged my nose accidently whilst going to clean my eye. I actually dont remember how hard i nudged it but i dont think it was hard. Im just worried that i may have damaged it as i have a slight pain on the bridge if my nose. I assume the pain is solely from the fact that ive had the op so recently and not to do with me having nudged it?

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Nasal Trauma At 4 Days After Rhinoplasty



Without physical examination it is hard to assess the damage, if existing, due to the accidental nudging. 

That being said, I recommend that you have your surgeon in the loop of what happened as he/she knows the full details of your surgery and will be able to assess any possible damage swiftly. 

Ususally, if the nudge was was not that intense and at a critical location, your nasal cast may have worked to your favor. I believe that when the cast is removed a thorough assessment could be done. 

Meanwhile, I recommend that you follow your surgeon's instructions religiously and to be more careful when cleaning your face and nose as nasal traumas tend to be harsh on a fresh nose out of surgery. 

Thank you for your inquiry. 

The best of luck to you. 

Dr. Sajjadian 

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