Detailed Massage Technique for Post Breast Augmentation Surgery

I'm asked to follow a generic massage routine (one fits all) involving pushing the implants in all directions as much & hard as possible despite of the fact that my implants have already sat low (or the right place) after the surgery and I'm not comfortable to push them hard downwards or outside (too much stretch on the skin there already).

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SEE ATTACHED VIDEO illustrating our recommendations for breast massage technique that we emploly in our office. First discuss with your surgeon prior to implementing this routine!

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Massage after Breast Augmentation


 Thank you for the question.

Since you have had the procedure I would recommend that you follow your plastic surgeon's recommendations.  Most  likely he/she has recommended massage of the breast implants  which is felt by many plastic surgeons to be helpful in keeping the breast implant soft.  if you have questions about the  specific technique  your plastic surgeon recommends then address those with him/her during your next visit. Otherwise, I'm afraid you will be confused or overly anxious with online consultants' recommendations.

Best wishes.

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