Portrait Vs Laser Treatment for Sagging Neck?

Which treatment would be better for sagging skin on the neck, several lines that appear under the eyes when I smile, and folds of skin when I turn my head to the side? Portrait or Laser?

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Treatment options for lax skin


Many of the light based therapies, ranging from Thermage to the Photofacials, Portrait and Lasers (most recently the fractional CO2 units) purport to improve the features of facial aging. Some of the objectionable skin changes include uneven pigmentation, sun spots, fine wrinkles, dull color, loss of elasticity and sagging. There are other features which involve loss of facial fat, descent of facial fat, loss of bone stock, which are not well addressed by light based therapies. I have experience with Portrait, which is not a laser and Carbon Dioxide laser resurfacing.

Both Portrait and CO2 laser yield good results with sun spots, texture, fine wrinkles and promote neocollagenesis ( remodeling of your own collagen). These modalities can be used "off face", for the neck, decolletage, hands, etc.with good utility. However their efficacy for "shrinking" skin which folds upon squinting or ranging your neck is inconsistent and most physicians will not encourage that expectation. Despite the proliferation of new technological advances in light based therapies, currently the only predictable technique for improving such skin excess is surgical excision.

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