At What Point is It Counterintuive to Take Prednisone After Rhinoplasty? At 3 Months, Nose is Always Swollen/filled with Liquid?

I suffered a bump after seeing the final revision rhinoplasty result & the swelling around my nasal tip implant (Porex) is turning into scar tissue; one side of my nose became a little raw/rigid again after I massaged too hard a wk ago.(Won't repeat that mistake.)Surgeon said a steroid injection was unsafe after seeing to it the implant was settling. I'm 3 months post-op & bulbous/rigid at the tip;could prednisone help, or cause fluid retention? Does it increase likelihood of infection?

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Medpor Implants



Medpor Implants that extend into the tip do not do well over time. A custom carved dorsal medpor implant that does not extend into the tip, should do ok if the surgeon places it properly. Right now only time will tell but I suspect you wont see any changes for the better.



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