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Please Suggest Options to Treat a Severe Overbite in 25 Year Old? (photo)

I am having a severe overbite (as seen in the attached pictures). My front two teeth completely hide my lower teeth with just 10 percent of my lower teeth visible. I have no wisdom teeth at this age (not extracted , never got it). Also , I have a permanent tooth missing (not extracted , never got it) in the right most corner of my lower jaw. Pictures are attached. Please suggest me options. Can this problem be solved by braces or i would need to go for a jaw surgery.

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Treatment options

Sorry but frontal pictures of your teeth really don't give any clue to the severity of your overbite/overjet, jaw alignment....You could be treated with just Invisalign, or you might need jaw just can't tell from this limited info

Saint Louis Orthodontist

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