Can I Please Get Some Advice on What Kind of Treatment Would Work for Me?

I'm about to be seventeen years old, and I'd really like to get them fixed. I get bullied because of them too much and I'd really like to fix them as quickly as I can. My two front teeth are crooked and I have a gap. I have come across different options such as: mini dental implants, veneers, crowns. I'm not sure what I can get, I really don't want traditional braces. Or is there some sort of dental cosmetic surgery? How much would it cost. Please contact me for more information, thank you.

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Dear patient, yes there are many solutions, 

just take a 1 week here in cancun, and you will have a dental vacation, and i can surely restore those, teeth, no matter if they are crowns ,veneers, or bridges, i will perform them, for shure,there are many options, and with x-rays, and once you are here, i will definitely do it, 

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Treatment Options


Without any photos it is very difficult to give you quality information.  Possibly you could submit a couple of photos of the teeth you are concerned about.  Most likely bonding or veneers would be your best options.  I know you said you did not want traditional braces but invisalign might also be a good option to consider.

Donald L. Wilcox, DDS
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