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Botched Liposuction Left Me With No Groin, Crotch, Hip, Belly. What Are My Options From Here? (photo)

I wanted a small amount of liposuction to lessen a bulgy right thigh. Instead got what you see in photo two. Sought help from Iowa body lifter doctors to help with buttock over- liposuction woes. Ended up with no groin,crotch hip, belly. In pain and feeblized I can't sit for very long at work. I want to get disabilty help but don't know what catagory of disability I would fit under as my legs still work for walking and standing. Any advice along these lines would be appreciated.

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Disabled after liposuction and body lift


Thank you for your question about the results of your liposuction and body lift. I am very sorry you have had such a terrible experience.

  • Your liposuction result shows poor judgement by the surgeon. 
  • The photos suggest a later tummy tuck and circumferential thigh lift.
  • If surgery was recent, pain and tightness improve over 12 -18 months.
  • See an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to advise you.
  • Go on your state's website to see requirements for temporary disability.
  • Remember - cosmetic plastic surgery is a true specialty - Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are the best trained in the field. Hope this helps.



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