Re-use of Implant Caused Rupture. What Can I Do?

Fda and Breast Implant Manufacturer state "breast implants are for single use only" and never should implanted again if it was explanted. Breast implants should never be resterlized. Manufacturers state that your warrantly will be void if your surgeon re-uses the implant. If Plastic Surgeons have this knowledge, why isn't this on the consent forms that patients have to sign so we are informed patient. I have a ruptured implant that the Manufacturer will not cover because of the reuse.

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Breast implant "reuse"?

Thank you for the question

I would agree with Dr. Tholen's answer that most surgeons would have replaced your implant unless otherwise indicated. This replacement would not be considered "reusing", is common practice among plastic surgeons, and should not be an issue with deflation replacement by the breast implant manufacturers.

I hope this helps.

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