Will Pixel Laser Help Improve Acne Scars?

I just had Pixel Laser treatment done a while ago. Prior to this, a year ago I had a series of skin needling (Dermaroller) done already...it improved my acne scars (depressed ones due to cystic acne) and softened (flattened) keloidal/raised scars on my face. I wanted more improvement, so I had Pixel done with a 7x7. Will my acne scars improve more?

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Pixel laser great for acne scars


The fractionated technology of the Pixel lasers is considered state of the art for acne scarring.  There are 2 wavelengths (laser types) that Pixel uses- a non-ablative setting of 2940nm, and an ablative setting using CO2 technology (10,600nm).  I generally prefer the CO2 technology for most skin types as it is more powerful.

Generally, a series of treatments (2-4) is required for maximum benefits, though you should see results with only one.  Some improvement may continue for 4-6 months after each treatment.

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