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Have I Permanently Affected my Nose and if So when Can I Get a Nose Job to Fix It? (photo)

Hey there ! Im a 16 yr old gir When i was like 13 it got big ,wide and shapeless since i was 3 years old I have this habit to rock backwards and forwards its quite soothing i can rock like this for up to 6-12 hours a day My nose started hurting so i stopped doing it.I also hit my nose quite hard.Has this affected my nose? If I stopped rocking completely could it retain a normal shape or is it too late?I cant really breathe through left side of nose and sometimes nose swells and feels hot

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Have I Permanently Affected my Nose and if So when Can I Get a Nose Job to Fix It?


Rocking will not change the shape of your nose or your nasal breathing. The trauma that you described is the most likely culprit for impairing your breathing and changing the nasal shape. 16 is about the earliest that most surgeons would consider performing a rhinoplasty but you will need the support and consent of your parents. I would suggest that you have an open discussion with your parents about your concerns and together you can decide the best next step for you. Best.

Stephen Weber, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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