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Permanent Spider Vein Removal?

Is there any permanent effective treatment for spider veins on lower leg area? My parents both have these.

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Sclerotherapy or Laser for Spider Veins of the legs

In our practice > 95% of patients undergo sclerotherapy for spider veins in the legs. 

In some cases, long pulse Nd YAG lasers are used.

See a certified vein specialist. 

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Permanent Spider Vein Removal

Sclerotherapy is still the gold standard for spider veins. If the blood vessels are large enough to inject (sclerotherapy) with a sclerosing agent, that would be my choice. Some people, understandably, simply do not like the idea of injections so laser is also an option. The Nd:YAG 1064 long pulse laser is one of the better laser treatments for spider veins.

Good luck.

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Spider veins of legs

This can be a very time consuming treatment with a laser, requiring multiple sessions.  Some vessels will go away completely but you may continue to make new vessels (telangiectasias). Overall you should see some improvement with a dye laser or a YAG laser. Injection with a sclerosing agent can also help

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