Can You Perform a Gum Graft Over Existing Veneers/crowns?

I had 8 upper veneers done. The purpose was to elongate my natural teeth at the Biting Edge so they show more when i smile/talk. My dentist did the opposite procedure: lifted my gumline UPWARDS 3mm+. 1.Does gum ever grow back after laser crown lengthening? 2.Can a gum graft lower the gumline back to the original state? 3.Is it possible to graft over a veneer? PS. The dentist wont return any calls.I am filing a complaint to the royal college.

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Can gum be grafted over Veneers?

Grafting of gum cannot be successful over veneers. One option is to remove the veneers and place temporaries, graft the gum tissue, and then place new veneers shaped and of a length you desire. Most importantly, the cosmetic dentist and the patient should communicate clearly the goals prior to beginning the case.

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Gum grafts do not attach over veneers

Many of the wonderful advantages to modern dental techniques can be viewed as disadvantages as well. Lasered gums likely will not grow back, and grafting gum tissue won't stay on porcelain. While the complaint to the royal college may feel satisfying, there likely won't be anything from it. The best move would be to seek a second opinion on what your options are.

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