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Does Anyone Perform GFX Nerve Ablation (Glabellar Furrow Relaxation)?

I am interested in GFX Nerve Ablation (Glabellar Furrow Relaxation), but when I do a search on the web, I can't find any recent articles on it or any doctors that perform it anywhere in the U.S., let alone Colorado, where I live. GFX seems like a no-brainer to me over Botox for my "angry lines". I have a sneaking suspicion that no one wants to promote its use because it would hurt the Botox industry. Please help me find a board-certified practioner who will help me.

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Gfx vs botox


GFX was a procedure that invasively introduced a needle-like electrode that would deliver energy to the nerve that stimulated muscular contraction of the glabellar region of the forehead that causes the "11" or vertical frown creaes between the eyebrows. It required a number of cases before a provider would become technically good at delivering consistent results. There were certainly risks of the procedure and the results were not long term so it would have to be repeated. The procedure would take more time than delivering botox and the equipment would add a cost to the treatment.

I think most physicians were not willing to embrace such technology which would not allow the fine tuning of treating other facial areas such as crows feet and upper forehead. The manufacturers of botulinum toxin did not seem to have anything to do with this treatment not becoming popular.

I did hear recently, that there is somewhat different technology being delivered through similar means as GFX that might be coming to the United States in the future, but certainly is not FDA cleared at this time. Whether that treatment, if cleared, will become more popular than GFX is unknown.

Manhattan Dermatologist
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Does Anyone Perform GFX Nerve Ablation


 GFX had some issues with nerve regeneration after the treatment and IMHO has not proven to be the Botox replacement treatment...this is why you can't find it available.  Botox and Dysport remain the best method of softening unwanted lines and wrinkles although some other technologies are currently under development.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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GFX Nerve Ablation


GFX nerve ablation is still being studied for cosmetic uses in the U.S. and isn't approved by the FDA for use yet. You have to remember that nerve ablation will destroy the nerves permanently, so this may not be a great alternative for Botox because there won't be a counter to it. It won't go away in a few months like Botox does, so this is a permanent thing. As our bodies change and develop over the years having nerves that were permanently destroyed in your younger years may not look all that great later on in your life. This is why procedures like Botox and fillers can be more ideal - we can change them with the changes in your body. Sometimes "permanence" isn't a great option!

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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