Does Anybody Here Perform Breast REMOVAL Surgery (FTM)?

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There are board certified plastic surgeons that specialize in double incision mastectomy for transgender patients.   

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Yes, Female to Male Chest Surgery - Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

Yes, I perform breast removal surgery. In some instances female to male chest surgery can be performed with retention of nipple sensation.  Other instances a free nipple graft needs to be used.  I will be more than happy to assist you to gain an aesthetic identity.

Yes, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Denver does FTM "top surgery"/chest masculinization

FTM "top surgery"/chest masculinization (which does not quite count as a mastectomy, in that 10-20% of breast tissue is left behind) can be done via a technique of leaving the nipple attached (rather than grafting it), so that some sensation is retained.  It is a very safe and highly effective surgery that has been continued to be refined over the years, and has treated trans-men from all over the country (as well as few from overseas).  

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