Can You Perform Blepharoplasty for Hollow Lower Eyelids?

Can you perform Blepharoplasty for hollow lower eyelids to pull the skin upward?

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Fat Grafting Best Treatment For Hollow Lower Eyelids


Thank you for your question. Correction of hollow lower eyelids requires specialized fat grafting or fat repositioning techniques.

Standard lower Blepharoplasty techniques can make the hollow look worse.

Please read the link below for specific discussion of the treatment of hollow eyes.

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Many techniques available


There are many different options available for this problem, some temporary [fillers] others permanent [blepharoplasty with reposition of fat or fat grafting].

Different surgeons may have different recommendations depending on their experience and comfort with one technique or another.

Best of luck

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Treating hollow lower eyelids


Lower eyelid hollowness is best addressed by improving the overall volume in the area. This usually involves either a skin filler injection (such as restylane) or facial fat grafting. This usually produces a natural, non-operated appearance given that tissue isn't being removed.

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Hollow eyes, blepharoplasty


Hollow  eyes can be augmented with fat grafting and  fillers such as restylane.  In certain cases patients can benefit from conservative blepharoplasty with fat preservation and or repositioning.  Selphyl which  involves injecting platelet rich plasma is also helpful in treating hollow eyes.

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Surgery on hollow lower eyelids.


A photo would be helpful to evaluate your lids but in general yes you can do surgery on hollow lower lids.  The type of surgery is the real question.  If the hollow is due to lack of fat then perhaps only skin needs removal.  If the hollow is due to a fat pad bulge, then the fat pad can be removed or repositioned to minimize the hollowing.  Pulling the skin upward on the lower lids must be done carefully and the lid supported in various ways to prevent retraction and ectropion.  Check with a board certified plastic surgeon for their recommendations.

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Hollow lower lids


You can have surgery on hollow lower lids if there is excess skin or distinct fat bulges. It is very important that you see a surgeon who has lots of experience on lower lid surgery and can discuss exactly what you are looking for and where potential problems may exist. I generally do not recommend trying to correct lower lid hollows with fillers unless the hollow area is overlying bone.

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Can You Perform Blepharoplasty for Hollow Lower Eyelids?


Yes you can.  The main question to ask  would be is this the best operation for you?

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In a word , yes. If the lids are "hollow" I would only remove the excess skin and not remove any fat. A good picture would help to see what is needed.

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Eyelid surgery for eyelid hollows.


Eyelid surgery for eyelid hollows will only be improved with filling the hollow. This can be done with a blepharoplasty or fillers to fill the hollow such as Juvederm or Radiesse.

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