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Tummy tuck fail? (photos)

I feel like I'm back to where I started! I had my full tummy tuck with muscle repair 6 months ago and my upper abdomen bulges a lot especially after I eat/ drink. When I lay flat it's not so bad but I also am noticing my lower abdomen is bulging a little too now and I feel like I still have too much to grab in the mid section. HELP, do I need a revision or second tummy tuck or another muscle repair? This is stressful. Dr seems to think I need lipo idk.....

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Unsatisfactory Abdominoplasty

Good Day. First let me congratulate you on making the commitment for an abdominoplasy and for keeping your BMI in a reasonable range. Nevertheless, there is an algorithm for deciding what is the likely problem. The  most common causes of increased mid-sectional girth after a SUCCESSFUL abdominoplasy is weight gain after the procedure. (Check your pre-op weight, post surgery weight i.e. 6-8 week afterward, and current weight). Secondly, The most common cause of post operative fullness that "never went away" is persistent fat deposits that could have been removed with either liposuction or more skin removal laterally and/or in the mons (pubic area). Thirdly, The most common cause of fullness at the top of the muscle repair is not placating (suturing) high enough. You can check this by laying on your back, while doing straight leg raises (6-8 inches up) and feeling. If you feel a hole, it may indicate that the plication may need to be carried a bit higher. The latter is the least common option. The first two are more frequent. BTW, Now that I'm older, over 80% of my patients have liposuction at the time of abdominoplasy and I extend the incision as far back as necessary to minimize excess skin laterally (dog ears). When I was a younger surgeon, I didn't do that because I believed patients who valued a shorter incision rather than optimal contour which now, is always my focus. I hope this helps .Hang in there. You are going to have a great result.
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck fail?

Over exposed posted photos, No before posted photo to compare, question if your realistic expectations can not be met... 
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Problems after an abdominoplasty

I am not certain where you level of concern is with your result.  If you still have an abdominal bulge then it is either due to subcutaneous fat or intra-abdominal fat.  Either of these problems will improve with weight loss.  Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to determine the best option for you at this point.  
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Recurrent bulge after abdominoplasty: why?

From your pictures, you have a nice result as far as the abdominoplasty goes: the scars are fine, the contour is smooth, and you do not appear to have excess residual skin.  It is possible that the fascia repair from the rectus diastasis has stretched, and this could only be determined by exam.  However, it is likely that you have some intrabdominal fat that cannot be addressed by any other method than weight loss. It is possible that liposuction could give you some improvement, but again that could only be determined by physical exam. I think you have good reasons to trust your plastic surgeon and follow his/her recommendations.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck Surgery

You appear to have an acceptable tummy tuck result, based on your photos.  You are still healing, and should see improvements in the next several weeks and months. Follow up with your Plastic Surgeon as he guides you through recovery.  If any revisions are needed, that should be addressed after you have healed.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck surgery

Hello there

Thanks for your questions and please do not worry

You seem to have a very good result following your surgery; the scars are good, there are no dog ears and you have a good contour. It is difficult to comment further without seeing you in person but it is possible you have some intra-abdominal fat causing some minor bulging but if this is within the subcutaneous tissue then, yes, you might be suitable for liposuction.

Do chat to your surgeon and discuss your feelings

I wish you luck

Paul Banwell
London Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck Expectations

Thank you for your question and photos.  You seem to have a very acceptable tummy tuck result.   While you have a lot of stretch marks that can cause some skin laxity to return, it is a function of your skin damage and not a failure of the procedure.  Liposuction may help a little, but most of your residual abdominal contour issues are likely due to intra-abdominal fat...or fat around the organs.  No amount of muscle tightening or liposuction can address this fat.  Only diet and exercise is effective for intra-abdominal fat.   At this point an aggressive diet and exercise regimen would be the most effective way of improving your tummy tuck results further.  It probably would have been helpful to know this information ahead of time, but adjusting your expectations and wellness routine is the safest course of action for you at this time. Best wishes on your recovery.
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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Stomach loosening 6 months after Tummy Tuck

Yours is a challenging question. Seeing preoperative pictures would really be helpful in understanding where you started.  Skin stretches at a rate that is different for everyone and the same is true for the tissue between your muscles. It is fully possible that you had a great surgery but your tissues will tend to stretch.  One marker of that is stretch marks as they suggest one's skin is not great at staying tight. A good exam with your plastic surgeon will help define that but if you question his or her opinion, seeing someone else can often put those fears or concerns to rest.
Dr. Pyle
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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