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Removed Drains, Soreness, Tightness on Abdominal Area Normal?

My drains were removed, and as soon as they were removed I have a pain, somewhat sorenes and tightness at the same time on my right side where the drain was sitting in my abdominal area. It burned a little in that same side when it was removed, and when I walk I feel that same pain/tightness or if I stretch my right leg.I see my Dr again next week Tuesday but I called my post op nurse and she said that its probably a nerve from where the tube was sitting, but that it should gradually get better.

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Removed Drains, Soreness, Tightness on Abdominal Area Normal?


These types of discomfort are very common, unique to each patient, and almost always self-limiting, resolving without specific explanation.  Reviewing with your surgeon sounds like a good plan. All the best. 

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Hello and thanks for your question.

I do think it sounds like some nerve pain related to removal of the drains.  As you are describing a burning pain.  This should settle down in the next couple of weeks to months.


Stephen Salerno

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