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Should I Discontinue Use of Retin-A?

I was prescribed Retin-A Micro 0.1% by my dermatologist for mild/moderate acne. I have been using Retin-A for about three months and while I have seen some small improvement, my skin still breaks out frequently and I still have several blemishes (usually one or two very inflamed) at any given time. I have also noticed my blemishes leave red marks more often since using the product. Is there hope for me or should I try something else? I'm becoming discouraged. Thanks!

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Should I discontinue use of Retin-A


Discontinuing use of Retin-A isn't going to help your skin get better. You may need a stronger medication, oral or topical. But you will need to see a physician. Remember that with any acne medication you only start to see results after about 45 days of use. So even at 3 months of usage, you really only have 45 days of improvement at this point in time. See your physician to discuss the situation.

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Acne and Retin-A Micro


Unfortunately this is not a specific cause for acne.  I would encourage you to continue with your Retin-A Micro and ask your physician about adding a Benzyl Peroxide product to your regimen...

Good luck.  Hope this helps. 


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