Painful Breast Augmentation Due to Scar Tissue from Previous Reduction?

Two years ago, I had a Breast Lift in both breast and a Breast Reduction in one. I have scar tissue in the breast with the reduction, which is sometimes painful to touch.

If I have Breast Augmentation with Saline implants under the muscle, will this cause unusual or extra pain?

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Increased Pain after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question.

It is unlikely that the previous breast surgery and its sequelae will influence the level of discomfort you will experience after the breast augmentation surgery. You should address your current symptoms with your plastic surgeon in the event that treatment (surgical or nonsurgical) may be helpful.  For example, if your symptoms are related to abnormal scarring, then scar revision and/or injection of steroids may be beneficial.

Please make sure you are working with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

I hope this helps.

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Augmentation after reduction

Your question doesn't explain why you desire to have augmentation after being lifted and reduced. An augment or enlargement in breast tissue could result in more sagging and the need for another mastopexy. It is almost important to understand the basis for your pain and scarring. If you have hypertrophic or keloid scarring, then you should address the problem itself. You should see a board certified plastic surgeon for evaluation. Best of luck. I am sorry to read thar you've had a complication from a breast reduction which has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates.

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Painful breast reduction and lift scar

IT sounds as if you may have a keloid scar. Intralesional steroids can provide relief. Consider asking the surgeon for steroid injections for relief prior to the breast augmentation surgery.

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Your history of breast lift and reduction should not mean more pain with augmentation necessarily

Hi there-

There is no reason I know of that you should expect an inordinate amount of pain with breast augmentation because you had a breast lift and reduction in the past- especially if the implants are placed under your muscle (which, by the way, is the ONLY location I would consider if I were you- given your prior history).

Find a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery that you like and feel you can trust- you should be able to achieve your goals without more pain than the average patient.

For help finding a surgeon you like and can trust, please read this:

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Painful Breast Augmentation due to scar tissue from previous reduction

I do not feel there will be an increase in pain as you describe. But evaluation in person from boarded plastic surgeons is the best way to proceed.

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Breast pain with breast augmentation

The only way you will know is if you have it doen. there is no scientific data that would reliably give you the answer. My "guess" would be that whatever you have now you will have after.

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Breast implants and pain

You should experience only the normal amount of mild discomfort following a breast augmentation. You should mention the region of painful scar tissue to your plastic surgeon, as most scars are not painful this far out from surgery. Good luck.

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Breast implants will not cause pain.


It's not clear why you want breast implants now after you had a breast lift and a breast reduction. But breast implants should not cause you any additional pain.

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