Is Pain with Large Silicone Implants 745cc Normal in Just One Breast Post Op Day 5?

i had my surgary 5 days ago and my right breast is fine no pain and is already in its spot but my left breast is riding high and i have started to notice a burning stinging pain in the cleavage and outer left side of my breast , there is no redness but there is swelling not alot though just moderate . i am on antibiotics as of right now and am wearing the strap they gave me. is all this normal or should i be concerned .

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Pain post-op

The feelings that you are experiencing are not uncommon after breast augmentation. It is normal to feel one side bigger, higher than the other side. I would not be concerned unless it continues to get bigger or more painful.

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Asymmetric healing after breast augmentation is common.

The fact that one side hurts more than the other after breast augmentation is fairly common.

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Pain 5 days post op

Your breasts will heal at different rates.  The situation you describe sounds to be that of typical healing, however you should check with your surgeon just to be sure.

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5 Days postop

It is not uncommon to experience soreness in one breast more than the other.  You are only 5 days after surgery, so you likely have postoperative swelling which is normal. To be safe, please see your plastic surgeon for a checkup.

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You need an examination

I do not think there is anything wrong, but I certainly can not give you an accurate recommendation. You need to call you plastic surgeon and have him examine you in person. 

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