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Having Pain in from my Front Teeth After Pulling a Dissolving Stitch from my Nose.

Hi I had my rhinoplasty last month and yesterday when I was cleaning my nose I accidentally pulled a dissolving stitch and I had a little pain, but after sometime when I move my lips my front teeth and the gum is having an irritation and pain....will it effect my long term result? Please help me.

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Pain in gums after rhinoplasty surgery


Dear rhinoplasty patient,
I reviewed your posting. You had your rhinoplasty one month ago and you removed a dissolvable suture while cleaning your nose and now you feel sensitivity in your teeth and gums. This is due to irritation of a nasal nerve that shares sensation with upper gum and teeth. This should not be a temporary irritation without long term sequalae. If pain persist more than a day contact your rhinoplasty surgeon. Good luck and good healing

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