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Juvederm puffy eyes, not brusied or tinted. Should I get the injection to decrease the size or just let it be?

I had a little juvederm under my eyes 17days ago, my one eye is still puffy. I've been using camomile tea bag compresses, using nose spray for allergies, sleeping with pillows & massaging my lymph areas. There isn't any brusing. I showed my doctor last week & he said to give it 2 more wks. Should I get the injection to decrease the size or just let it be? Is there anything natural i can use, would massage help or get the injection if they stay like this ? Thanks

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Puffy Eyes after Juvederm

Sometimes after HA injections, especially around the eyes, prolonged swelling can occur if the product is injected too superficial or if your body has an especially strong reaction to the product.  The skin around the eyes is very thin and even a very small amount of swelling can be very obvious.  An injection if Vitrase or Hyaluronidase may help metabolize the HA product quickly and help the swelling resolve faster.  You should discuss this treatment with your physician.

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