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Getting Orthodontist to Remove Braces?

Hey everyone, I have been in braces since I been 26 (late 26) and I am now 28. My treatment is at the 20 month point and yet I still do not have a solid time for when they are going to get removed. How should I go about asking my ortho for when he thinks my braces should come off without being annoying I have asked just about every other month but still havent got a real answer. I am satisfied with the way me teeth look minus a few gaps but heard that they continue to close when you the retainers

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How much longer in braces?

Guessing the amount of time left in braces is a delicate balancing act, guess optimistically and miss...the patient is not happy that the braces are coming off when you said; guess pessimistically and the patient is unhappy that they are going to be on for so much longer!

That said...patients do deserve a reasonable estimate and the doctor really should sit down with you and give his/her best estimate...just don't think this is written in blood!

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