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Do I have an infection? Should I take antibiotics and then have it removed? (photos)

I had 1 Serynge of juvederm injected in my lips and nasolabial folds 2 months ago . I had the normal sweeling no bruises , no pain . Everything looks fantastic ! But a week ago my lips blowed up like a ballon .I took 1 Medrol dose pack, the inflammation went off . But now my lips are swelling again . My dr offers me to inject hyaluronidaze but now I'm afraid to have an alergic reaction to the hyaluronidaze and also if I have an infection that the hyaluronidaze will spread out the infection

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Do I have an infection? Should I take antibiotics and then have it removed?

Does not appear as an infection. More as a reaction that needs more steroid therapy. Plus STOP everything else going into your lips! 

Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Swollen lips

You may be having a delayed allergic reaction to the Juvederm.  Allergy to hyaluroindase is rare, however your doctor can put a little bit into your forearm and then watch for any swelling or redness which would indicate an allergy to this.  If no problems, you should have injection into your lips to eliminate the juvederm.  Improvement with the Medrol indicates that it is some sort of inflammatory or allergy as opposed to infection.  

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
Coral Gables Oculoplastic Surgeon
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