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Orbital Decompression?

Hi I'm from Denmark, just diagnosed with moderate TED and graves' disease when I was 6 months pregnant. My hertel's measurements are 18 mm on each eye, but since I used to have small deep set eyes, I feel very disfigured. I'm unable to close my eyes and consider orbital decompression in the future. What should I expect? Is it possible to go back to were I was? I can't face the world at this far it ruined my life completely and I feel desperate. Thank you for your time. Elisabeth

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Orbital decompression?


  Eyelid surgery to improve appearance and reverse eyelid retraction is far less invasive than an orbital decompression.  I rarely do decompression for cosmesis in TED but I know that others do. I strongly suggest you see an oculoplastic surgeon. Check out the ASOPRS directory. I am sorry but I believe that to expect any procedure to make you look exactly as you did before is not realistic. Nonetheless, often great improvements can be accomplished with eyelid surgery.

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