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Orbital Decompression Surgery?

I have proptosis on my left eye. 1.5mm more than my right. It is preventing it from closing during sleep and blinking, and all the symptoms associated with this. It may or may not be due to my childhood injury. I do NOT have thyroid issues. I've seen 2 oculoplastic surgeons already. they disagree on which wall to remove. 1. Do you think I should do the lateral wall removal or endorscopically the medial and lower walls? 2. Can you explain to me why it is OK removing a wall from your orbit.

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Orbital Reconstructive Surgery is always scarier than it sounds!


Sounds barbaric, doesn't it?  Don't worry, those walls are not really removed.  Basically, the walls of the orbit are immobile structures that hold in the contents of your eye and, when there is too much, the only way for the excess to go is out!  The procedure involves fracturing only part of the wall so the excess fat in your orbit has another way to escape and the struts of the walls are left in place so you eye won't go anywhere.  I prefer performing inferior and medial wall decompression.  But truthfully, if the procedure is performed correctly, there shouldn't be any difference in outcomes with each technique.  Good luck!


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