I Am Having a Panniculectomy and I Am Paying for Upper Abdominiplasty the Same Day I Want Lipo but Ps Says I Am Not a Candidate?

my weight is 168 my height is 5/5 I had 8 pregnancy and have 5 children had a gastro bypass surgery in 2010 but my abdomen has look like this since I had my kids 16,12,twins 10 and 5

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Not a Candidate for Lipo?


Thank you for your question. Without an exam, it is not possible to give you real good advice, but if your PS told you a re not a candidate, then it is likely due to the low fat concentration he/she feels is in the area. I hope this helps.

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Liposuction with panniculectomy

If there is a lot of resection, which would be consistent with a significant weight loss, then liposuction may not be necessary. The essential thing is to insure proper blood flow to the abdominal flaps.
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Lipo for weight loss pt?


Liposuction is usually not helpful when people lose a lot of weight. That is because the skin does not contract once the fat is removed. So it would be like having excess skin sag without fat.

Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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