Surgeon might not have done the whole procedure - another surgeon did one half. How can I find out who the other surgeon was?

I have reason to believe my surgeon did not do the surgery we agreed on. He let it slip that an other surgeon did it. One side of the chest turned out very well. The other was terrible from the start! Not at all his work. How do I ask him who did the other half and why?

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How to find out which surgeon performed your breast augmentation

I agree that you should be open and honest and ask your plastic surgeon directly.

However is a legal requirement that an operative note be dictated by the surgeon who performed your operation.  The operative note will include the names of everyone who was present in the operating room.  You are entitled to have a copy of your operative report, and may obtain this by simply asking the office of the plastic surgeon to fill out a request for medical records and specify you want a copy of your operative report.  If your surgery was performed in a hospital you may go to the medical records department to obtain this.

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I would ask your surgeon directly in a non confrontational manner what occurred.  Either way the surgeon of record is responsible for the appearance of your breasts and if you are dissatisfied with the result see what can be done to fix it.

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