If I Get Operated Again, Are There Any Chances Not to Appear Supratip Again, or It Will Always Be There? (photo)

Hello. I had 2 rhinoplasties, the first one 3 yeas ago, and the second one 2 years and a half. After both of them appared supratip fulness (fibrosis). Why did it happen? Does this problem have a treatment? If I get operated again (and for the third time...), are there any chances not to appear supratip again, or it will always be there? Thank you very much, Alina Nica.

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Persistent Supra-tip Fullness after Rhinoplasty

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Surpa-tip fullness is secondary to a lack of projection of the tip or too much projection above the tip. After your first rhinoplasty the tip was not adequately projected. The tip does look more refined after the second surgery but I cannot evaluate projection because you didn't submit a profile view. Regardless of the cause, a pollybeak can be corrected. 

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