How Long After a Revision Rhinoplasty will it Take to See Final Results?

How long would it take for the swelling of a second rhinoplasty to completely go down? The goal of the first rhinoplasty was supposedly to remove the bump and to rise the tip. But after a couple of years my nose showed some callous and the tip totally dropped. For the second surgery the bump that was still present and the callouses that came up were removed. In addition, the tip was reduced and risen. How long should it take for a final result? Thanks.

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Final results after revision rhinoplasty

The majority of nasal swelling will subside within the first year, yet the nose will continue to change  2, 5, and even 10 years after surgery.

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How Long After a Revision Rhinoplasty will it Take to See Final Results?

Every Revision Rhinoplasty will be different having more or less involvement and tissue dissection/manipulation.  On average give yourself around 12-18 months to see the final result, IMHO.

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