What would clear up my Rosacea? Does this look like Rosacea to you? (Photo)

Ive had this since i was eary 20's It wasnt as bad, but now i have a really red patch on my right cheek. The other side has some discolouration. Its embarassing and when I get hot my cheeks get really flushed. I am only 28 now and make up doesnt really cover up the red patch anymore. Ive been prescribed Metro gel. I told my doctor i thought it was Rosacea and was never told it wasnt. What would last the longest and Be more affordable treatment for this?

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Mirvaso for rosacea

Mirvaso is the newest topical treatment for rosacea, but you cannot overdue it when applying it. We don't want all the color out of your face, just the redness. Metro gel is an older medication and I've never been very impressed by it. IPL Fotofacial is great at controlling rosacea breakouts but they do need to be repeated. Consult a dermatologist who is an expert in rosacea.

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