I Have Olive Skin, Pigmentation Spots, Acne Scars and Large Pores. What Can I Do?

i have been told i cannot do any lasers as they could damage my skin because of my colouring, so what can i do? are there lasers that can treat olive skins without damaging the skin or creating patches?

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Acne Scar Improvement in Olive Skin

     Unfortunately, you have received incorrect information.  It is possible to address all your concerns with lasers. In our practice, we safely use both Q-Switched YAG lasers and the Aramis Quantel laser on all skin types.  The Q-Switched YAG lasers will address hyperpigmentation and the Aramis improves texture and deceases pore size.  

   A simple thing you can do now to help improve your scars and hyperpigmentation is wear sunscreen daily.  Most of our sun damage occurs while we are driving to work and going about our daily routines.


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Extensive Subcison and Fraxel Repair Laser for Acne Scars

In the past it has been difficult to achieve 50% improvement.  With a new combined technique I am getting consistently over 75% improvement in  acne scars.  The single treatment consists of tumescent anesthesia, extensive subcison using a custom surgical intrument, a blending peel with either TCA or Laser, and Fraxel Repair laser treatment of the scarred areas.  

Mark B. Taylor, MD

Mark Taylor, MD
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