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Old Silicone Implants Causing Pain and Redness?


My silicone implants are 34 years old. My dog jumped on the left one and it hurt so badly, i saw stars! After a few days, it stopped hurting as badly, but the other one developed a large pink splotch! I got a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. I was told everything was normal and my implants weren't ruptured! I still have the large pink splotch, and it isn't anything topical. If it were an infection, I think I would have a temperature. There are no bumps/lumps, just a red spot. Any idea what's going on? Thank You, Veronika

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Don't guess...


Consult with an experienced plastic surgeons SIlicone gel implants that are 34 years old have an extraordinarily high likelihood of leakage. Mammograms are not very accurate for these leaks. While the red mark may not have any relationship to leakage, you are in a high enough risk catagory that you should have a plastic surgeon examine you. If your implants are firm and the overlying soft tissue thin, any trauma to the soft tissues might exhibit increased and prolonged inflammation due to dimished circulation.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Concerns about implants


If you are at all concerned with your implants even if you have had them in for 34 years, I would not hesitate to see a plastic surgeon for an evalutation.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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See your plastic surgeon about old implants, pain


I can't tell from you initial message, but I hope you have already seen your plastic surgeon. Pain and redness may have several causes, and experienced examination and history are needed, as well are evaluation of progress over time.

As a general concern, implants that are 34 years old are probably silicone gel and most likely have leaked. That leak may not be detected on mammogram or ultrasound if it is only within the capsule. You should consider removal, possibly replacement implants, after your plastic surgeon manages the new area. The MRI would reassure you if you do not plan to have the implants removed, but may not be needed if you decide to have them removed regardless of the study results.

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You likely need your implants replaced.


The red spot may be a red herring. However, it is important for you to have a complete evaluation. MRI will give you the most accurate information. At 34 years it is possible, if not likely, that the implants are ruptured and may need to be replaced. Good luck.

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MRI is the study of choice


Your implants are likely ruptured and may have been ruptured without any symptoms for some years now. I would recommended getting a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and then getting an MRI which is the study of choice for evaluating silicone gel implants. Getting your implants replaced or removed without replacement are the two options you can discuss with your doctor. I would seek treatment as soon as possible.

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You need an MRI and a plastic surgeon


Get the red spot examined by a doctor. It is very hard to tell you if it is related to your implant. The likelihood is that it is NOT related. However, you should be examined. And, as others have stated, 34 year old silicone implants have a very high likelihood of rupture. Since you had a traumatic event, I would recommend seeing a plastic surgeon and getting an MRI. This will give you some peace of mind as MRIs are much more sensitive than ultrasound. Good luck.

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I would recommend replacing your implants.


Hi!   I would bet that after 34 years, at least one of your implants is ruptured.  At the very least, you need an MRI of your breasts.  The MRI is fairly accurate at picking up ruptured implants.  But a ruptured silicone implant does not cause redness.

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An MRI may help



I agree with Dr. Yuan that mammograms are not very helpful when evaluating implants for rupture. An MRI is the most helpful in this respect.

If the redeness is still there, consult with both your primary physician and a board-certified plastic surgeon. Explain to your primary physician the circumstances of how the redness got there and find out his thoughts on an MRI for the breasts.

You may need your implants replaced, but do consult with a plastic surgeon. Having him/her examine you and answer your questions will be most helpful. Good luck.

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As Elvis Costello says...



It's great to hear that your implants have lasted you 34 years and still counting. I am going to assume that a physician has examined you in order for you to obtain a mammogram and sonogram. Did he/she have any idea why the breast had a pink spot? Also, could your dog have injured the right breast without you knowing it due to the amount of pain that you had on the left breast? It is unlikely that you have developed an infection, unless you also had a bad upper respiratory or urinary tract infection that could have seeded your implant. At any rate, an MRI would be the most sensitive test to rule out a leak and would also be helpful in determining the cause of the redness if it isn't leakage. A visit to your board certified plastic surgeon may shed some light on the subject. Good luck!

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