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Removing Drains after TT and MR? (photo)

My TT, MR with bilateral scar revision done on Sept 25th. My drains have been 20 n less as of Oct 3rd on either side. The past 3 days they have been zero to -15 or less. It will be 2 weeks Oct 9 when is the best time to remove these to keep away from infection!!!!

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Typically I recommend keeping drains in for at least 2 weeks following an abdominoplasty, or when the drains are less than 20cc per drain, per 24hour period. This will vary by surgeon however.

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Removing Drains after TT and MR?

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My threshhold for removal of drains is 30 cc/day, so by that standard, they are ready to come out. However, this will be your surgeon's call.

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Removing Drains after TT and MR?

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You will find that every plastic surgeon has a different “policy” when it comes to removal of drains. Based on your description however, with minimal output, I would think that drain removal is imminent.

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