I Would Like a Full Face Rejuvination, but Im Not Sure What Route I Should Take? (photo)

I've found I'm aging sooner than I should & as it progresses, one side of my face is taking most of the hit. I look tired all the time. Jowls & lips are starting to hang low & uneven. I have a terrible face shape when I smile. It becomes very round. I've had a round face my whole life now I'm glad it's slimming up, but its not enough. I get botox & jevedurm regularly, but I think it's done all it is able to do. What would you recomend I have done to be prettier? Open to all suggestions.

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Early facial aging with loose skin and jowls.


Early facial aging with loose skin and jowls can be treated for a time with fillers for your nasolabial creases and howling along with a chin implant for a receded chin. Your lower lids have fat bags and a lower blepharoplasty can be done to improve this. You can put off a mini lift for several years that way. 

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