11 Months Post-op-Septorhinoplasty; Nose is So Hard It is Difficult to Kiss?

Hi! Primary surgery last March. Dr. put in some type of tip grafts w/septal cartilage. My nose has not softened and does not budge at all; really leads to some awkward kissing. It's uncomfortable and not at all enjoyable like kisses should be. My nose hurts afterward! I am having revision rhinoplasty this June to correct multiple issues, including overly-shortened upturned nose. Can anything be done at this time to return my nose to a softer state? Seems silly, but it really does matter to me.

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Bothered by a rigid nasal tip


While this is not a commonly-expressed concern following rhinoplasty, many structural techniques used to support the nasal tip can increase the tip's rigidity.  Since you are having a revision rhinoplasty done for other reasons, I would recommend discussing your concerns and desire for a more flexible nasal tip with your surgeon so that this is taken into account with the surgical planning.

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Stiff Nasal Tip after Rhinoplasty


It is unusual to have such a stiff nasal tip one year after surgery. Be aware that with further rhinoplasty surgery, especially to improve a short upturned nose that the nasal tip is not likely to become softer as this surgery adds more structural support to the tip of the nose.

Web reference: http://www.eppleyplasticsurgery.com/nasal.html

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Tip is hard


Discuss this with your upcoming revision surgeon. Only in a small number of patients is it necessary to use such firm grafts and rigid fixation of the tip that it doesn't become more pliable after a year.

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Hardened Tip and Revision Rhinoplasty


   If the tip grafts are causing the issue they can be removed.  If a columellar strut was used and is causing the issue this can be removed or altered.   There are always multiple ways to address a similar issue.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Web reference: http://www.hughesplasticsurgery.com

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Post Septorhinoplasty Recovery



Dear Realgirl00,

I would discuss your concerns with your surgeon who will be doing your revision rhinoplasty in June. Upon a direct examination he/she will be able to provide you with your surgical options. Best regards and hopefully come July you will be smooching pain free! Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Web reference: http://michaelelammd.com

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